Random Profile Generator


RandomProfile is a powerful and simple tool to generate fake data. You can use it to mock classes, populate databases and and much more. You can check the full documentation here.

pip install random-profile


from random_profile import RandomProfile
rp = RandomProfile(num=5)

num = Total No. of Name You Want To Print
default is 1
change the num value according to your needs.

# For First Name

# For First Name

# For First Name


  • This is A python 3 Package.
  • Install python 3.0+ or Anaconda 3.0+
Pip install random-profile   #on python
conda install random-profile # on anacoda


random-profile module is a random profile generator for many usages ex- fake dataset,youtube videos, content creation, personal projects.


Contributors for the Project CodePerfectPLus ...


what's new in future update

  • More Random data will be added to package.
  • variety of Random-Data will increase.


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